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HARD ROCK - NOKEMONO - From The Black World - 1979

Artista/ Banda: Nokemono
Álbum: From The Black World
Ano: 1979
Gênero: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
País: Japão

Comentário: Grupo de Tóquio, ativo na segunda metade dos anos 70 e que lançou apenas um LP, além de abrir um show no país para Judas Priest. Este é um disco de hard rock que lembra nomes como Scorpions e Rainbow, além de pitadas das primeiras bandas da NWOBHM, apesar de ficar longe de uma mera cópia. São 10 curtas e sólidas faixas de hard / heavy bem executado, ora melódico ora agressivo, liderado pelo ótimo trabalho nas guitarras, acompanhando os fortes vocais de Ace Nakaya (com letras todas em japonês). Ótima pérola para fãs de hard e metal setentista.

Hard rock/metal band from Tokyo formed in 1978 and inspired by NWOBHM. Nokemono released this album in ’79 on the SMS (Sounds Marketing System) label and fancied themselves a KISS/Maiden type of band.
Musically this album is all around excellent. It’s exceptionally innovative and stylish, and has a huge NWOBHM feel, despite being such an early album from Japan of all places. Ace’s vocals are very strong, with a similar delivery to Kyoji Yamamoto’s style, but aren’t as hyper, though still smooth and very nearly as good. Cherry’s bass is played to excellence, taking on melodies constantly throughout and driving the music forward with as great of an effect as a bassist can possibly have without overwhelming the other instrumentalists, Popeye’s drums are nimble and and slick and with an added cowbell on certain songs, it contributes largely to From the Black World’s overall catchyness, but perhaps the best of all is the guitar work of Rolla and Buchan, with plenty of fantastic riffs throughout, their guitar tone isn’t one that typically comes to mind for a metal album, as I’m more accustomed to hearing it on the rock albums of the 70s, though it works brilliantly well. The whole band’s chemistry is crazy tight and every member compliments the others.
Excellent later 70’s / early 80’s Japanese Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, second to none (Loudness, Bow Wow, Sabrabells…) but obscure even in Japan. Very good guitar work and some exciting epic instrumental parts á la Rainbow.
Text: Metal Archives

Nokemono - From The Black World - 1979 (MP3 320 kbps):

Bunzo "Buchan" Satoh (guitarra)
Tadashi "Popeye" Hirota (bateria)
Yukihiro "Ace" Nakaya (vocal)
Masaki "Cherry" Chikura (baixo)
Shigeo "Rolla" Nakono (guitarra)

01 Run Away 3:09
02 Terrible Night 4:37
03 Tozasareta Machi 3:59
04 Ushinawareta Ai 4:44
05 Big Wednesday 4:36
06 From The Black World 4:04
07 Back Street 4:19
08 Hai Ni Kieta Kako 6:07
09 Arijigoku 4:47
10 Run Away (Part 2) 0:30

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