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SOUTHERN / BLUES ROCK - THE ALMOST BROTHERS - Band of Roadies - 2014 (1973)

Artista: / Banda: The Almost Brothers
Álbum: Band of Roadies
Ano: 2014 (1973)
Gênero: Southern / Blues Rock
País: EUA

Comentário: Como o próprio título do CD indica, esta é uma banda formada por roadies do Allman Brothers entre 1973 e 74, que gravaram material próprio na época e que só foi lançado quatro décadas depois. Divido em 10 faixas, sendo metade covers e outras instrumentais, o disco traz uma mescla equilibrada de blues, jam e southern rock, onde ouvimos músicos competentes e boas melodias, lideradas pela dobradinha entre piano e guitarras. 
Obra consistente e cercada de história interessante, recomendado para fãs de southern e blues rock.

On one hand, the vibe of A Band Of Roadies comes as no surprise: after all, the band comprised members of the Allman Brothers Band’s road crew circa ’73-’74, along with some other players from the Macon, GA music scene at the time. This mix of covers and originals – infused with bluesy, jazzy grooves and adventurous jams – is exactly what you might expect from offshoots of the ABB family. What is a pleasant surprise, however, is the fact that this is a great album made by some solid players. After all, just because they lugged the Allmans’ gear, it doesn’t guarantee they could play it, but A Band Of Roadies stands on its own hind legs as a cool chunk of early 70s bluesrock recently rediscovered. (...) All in all, A Band Of Roadies is a great listen, regardless of the Allman connection. The fact that this music was created from a mix of service to the job at hand and a passion for the music that surrounded them makes the story of the Almost Brothers one that causes you to smile and shake your head.
Text: Jam Bands

Almost Brothers - A Band of Roadies (MP3 192 kbps):

T.T. Thornton (baixo)
Joseph 'Red Dog' Campbell (bateria)
Michael Artz (bateria)
Twiggs Lyndon (guitarra)
Dave 'Trash' Cole (guitarra, vocal)
Joe English (percussão)
Virginia Speed (piano)

01 Driving Wheel 3:59
02 Knurled Knob 2:58
03 Love You (Like A Man) 4:33
04 Stepping Out 2:22 
05 Modular Motion / Drifting 5:34
06 Complicated Shoes 2:41
07 Fever 3:53
08 Rainbow Chase 5:12
09 Is It Wrong 4:44
10 Compactor 4:40

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  1. Sou fá do Allman Brothers desde 1969 e confesso que nunca tinha escutado esta Banda. Aliás, eu nem sabia que o Twiggs Lyndon e o Red Dog tocavam algum instrumento. Vivendo e aprendendo.