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COUNTRY ROCK - RURAL - One By One - 1974

Pérola obscura vinda de Ames, localizada em Iowa, nos Estados Unidos. A banda Rural lançou um único e raro álbum em 1974, pela pequena Mole Records, e sumiu do mapa. Nenhuma outra informação sobre o grupo está disponível na internet.
One by One traz 11 faixas, quase todas na casa dos 2 ou 3 minutos, que misturam country rock com blues, leves doses de psicodelia. O som é simples e animado, próximo de outros no gênero country, belas melodias marcadas por boas passagens de steel guitar, piano, violino e bandolim acompanhadas por vocal masculino e feminino. Destaque para "Clear Blue Western Sky", "Roodle Deedle Dum", "Ripe Tomato Blues" e "Ships In Bottles".
Trabalho interessante para fãs de country e blues rock americano, vale conferir!

Rural - One by One - 1974 (MP3 320 kbps):

Group coming from Ames, Iowa. The band "Rural" released a single and rare album in 1974 privately and disappeared. No other information about the group is available on the Internet.
"One by One" brings 11 tracks, almost all with 2 or 3 minutes, mixing country rock with blues and light doses of psychedelia. The sound is simple and exciting, close to the other country album, beautiful melodies marked by good steel guitar, piano, violin and mandolin passages accompanied by male and female vocals. Emphasis on "Clear Blue Western Sky", "Roodle Deedle Dum", "Ripe Tomato Blues" and "Ships In Bottles".
Interesting work for country and blues rock fans, it is worth checking out!

Jay Saul (violão, steel guitar, bandolim, vocal)
Doug Campbell (baixo, vocal)
Ralph Stephens (bateria, percussão, vocal)
Charlie Grau (guitarra, violino, vocal)
Tom B Till (piano, vocal)
Sue Osborn (vocal)

01 Drunk No. 1 3:55
02 Clear Blue Western Sky 3:08
03 Hell And High Water 3:35
04 Roodle Deedle Dum 4:52
05 Franklin Township Breakdown 2:31
06 Ripe Tomato Blues 2:45
07 One By One 2:43
08 Now I Know It's You 2:33
09 Into One 3:02
10 Ships In Bottles 6:37
11 Outcasts 1:35

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  1. This one is on my search list since a while, and seems to fit my tastes.
    Thanks for the listening, really great!

  2. Thanks for the comment Laurent, if you want to download the full album just e-mail me: prolasdorock@yahoo.com